Below you will find the results of the system check. If any required services are not setup correctly, you will need to make sure they are installed correctly before you can continue.

It is highly recommended that all optional services are installed and working before continuing.

Correctly Installed Services
Apache version installed: 2.2.22 Minimum version required: 2.2.1PASS
PHP version installed: 5.4.45-0+deb7u14 Minimum version required: 5.3.3PASS
PHP date.timezone is not set.PASS
PHP memory_limit meets minimum requirement.PASS
PHP file_uploads is on which is ok.PASS
PHP upload_max_filesize value meets minimum requirement.PASS
PHP post_max_size meets minimum requirement.PASS
$_SERVER is accessible.PASS
PCRE extension is loaded.PASS
SPL extension is loaded.PASS
Ctype extension is loaded.PASS
The debug.php config file is writable.
The perInstance.php config file is writable.
The instance folders are present and writable.PASS
SOAP is installed.PASS
Curl version installed: 7.26.0 Minimum version required: 6.0PASS
Yii version installed: 1.1.17 Minimum version required: 1.1.17PASS
RedBean version installed: 3.2 Minimum version required: 3.2PASS
Mbstring is installed.PASS
Minify library is included.PASS
IMAP extension is loaded.PASS
mysqli is installed.PASS
pdo is installed.PASS
pdo_mysql is installed.PASS
Ldap is installed.PASS
Mcrypt extension is loaded.PASS
Memcache extension version installed: 3.0.6 Minimum version required: 2.2.0PASS
APC version installed: 3.1.13 Minimum version required: 1.0.0PASS
Recheck System or Continue